Monday, February 12, 2007

What? Everyone is doing it...

***Updated!***Ever the procrastinating borderline non-conformist (What does that mean? It sounded good anyway.)... I am making myself a Valentinr :O)

Here is mine, and I will have one in my side bar.. that I will have to remove in a few days, LOL! But you know me, I love adding code any where on my blog.

Send me a Valentine, please? *Big Princess Puppy Dog Eyes*

My Valentinr - mert
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Speaking of Valentine's Day... I signed up For Local Girl's Valentine's Day Swap. By doing this I have met 2 more wonderful people, Marina and Mari!

I just received my goodies from Marina today. :D
First , let me say that Marina gets an A+ for presentation... She took extra time to make this for me.

And another A+ for content:

I got 2 Valentine's candles (I looove candles!), a really cute coffee mug with chocolates in it (I can't wait to use the mug for my daily cuppa joe)... And last but not least, she gave me not only my favorite kind of chocolate- dark, but my absolute favorite kind of dark chocolate, Ghirardelli's!

For years, I worked at San Leandro Hospital in California right smack dab next to the Ghirardelli's factory. Every day I was tormented with this sumptuous smell, which most of my coworkers hated. Not me, I was in heaven! Whenever we had the chance to go to San Francisco, I always loaded up because you could always find more of a variety... where else but Ghirardelli Square.

Thanks Marina, you did good! Heck, you did more than good, thank you so much... you couldn't have picked better goodies. Tonight I am going to kick back and enjoy some of that beautiful chocolate, and some fond memories of living so close to SF. :D


swampwitch said...

One never knows what to expect when visiting here. Happy Heart two days.

Mert said...

Yeah, I like to keep folks guessing!

That and I'm a dork. :D

L. B. said...

Nice blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine.

princess said...

Glad I dropped by. Thanks for the open doors, loved what're inside. Keep on blogging!!!!

Maggie said...

Oh man. I feel bad I ate my before I could take a picture. How could you hold yourself off like that. What will power

local girl said...

What a great haul you got! I love that personalize card that Marina made. It's so cute!

Aren't you glad you-know-who decided not to participate? LOL!

Glad you decided to join us after all!

marina said...

I am so thrilled you loved your presents! It was so hard deciding what to get you because I had so many ideas. I'm sure the people at Target were laughing at me as I read your list to myself in the aisle. Enjoy!

Karmyn said...

What a great gift!!!

chocolate chocolate its a treat.
A gift like that can't be beat. (must say while cheering)

Karianne said...

That mug is absolutely adorable.

Mari said...

Looks like we both had great "goodie givers!" Thanks for the package. I have photos up, and YES I am in my pjs at 2:00 in the afternoon. I love not having a job (right up until rent is due!)
Thank you so much for our goodies-the kids loved the stickers. I think that my pile of GOLD looks like heaven. One package is already gone! And the earrings are beautiful!
You are the best! Now I know a celebrity too!!! ;)

Mert said...

Mari, i am so glad you finally got your box... I was getting a little worried! I am so happy you liked what I got for you. :D

SeaBird said...

Hello! I participated in the goody swap, too :) My husband gave me the same bag of Ghiradelli chocolate squares... I inhaled them in 4.2 seconds. Have you ever had a hot fudge sundaes at one of their stores....divine!

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Nice gift! You can see my treasure trove at:

It was so much fun opening a surprise package :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Robin said...

I'm trying not to comment on everything I pass, but, YUMMMY! HERE!! NICE STASH (it kind of makes me wish I had done this, too, but life was too crazy at the time to add "one more thing" to the mix :/).