Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A free iPhone for the taking!

I was just reading my blogging buddy Judy's blog and she mentioned that there is a site giving away a free iPhone. Too good to be true? I think not!

I think that this giveaway is a brilliant use of internet marketing and given the fact that practically 1/4 (just a guesstimation) of the world's population is dying to get their hands an iPhone, I think this giveaway should bring Mr. Gary Lee a lot of business.

Gary also has a new business called Bunkers Paradise where you can (paraphrased from his site) :
  • Keep track of your Golf game stats with their Score Tracker
  • Keep track of improvements in your game by using their Golf Handicap tracker
  • Get Tips and Drills so you can see where need the most improvement
  • Set up Leagues to Compete in and check out your friends stats and progress
  • Read reviews of the best Golf Equipment out there!
As part of your entry for the giveaway, you also need to mention an affiliate of Mr. Gary Lee where you can check out free online coupons, and it's called Pinkdeals. I was reading the idea behind the site, and I thinks it's a wonderful idea. Pinkdeal was frustrated by the fact that she wasn't able to find search site that met her needs and that wasn't geared mostly towards men. So, she decided to open her own search site that IS geared towards women. Honestly, I am going to check this site out because what ever makes my life easier... I'm all for it!

Also, another interesting tidbit: If your blog/site has a page ranking of 4 or higher you will get 2 entries in the giveaway. How cool is that? For an uncomplicated Page Rank checker, go here.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

That sounds like a pretty awesome giveaway! Although, my cheap-ass wouldn't want to pay for the subscription! haha

wolfbaby said...

hmmm nope never going to be able to give away something that kewl... just my lousy paintings;)

neat though!

CDPJ said...

Aha!!! This is totally unrelated to the iPhone post. Harkening back to a post from a couple weeks ago... here's a link to the Guess what, chicken butt t-shirt I mentioned!!

Sparky Duck said...

sheesh, I am even in for this one

Slackermommy said...

I want me an iPhone!