Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We interrupt regular programming for a word from our sponsor: Sarcasm

The MISU treated us to some Pizza Hut last night so that we could all get our grease fix for the week. You know you have a problem when your toddler sucks on a french fry until it's nothing but a salt-less blob of starch. Then discards it for another. We are trying to eat better... but baby steps people.

But I digress. On the way to Pizza Hut, we engaged in light hearted banter as we are wont to do when seconds from quenching our "grease lust".

Anna: I was thinking that maybe we could-

Emma: Not gonna happen.

Anna: Emma! I was still talking!

Emma: Get oh-ber it.

I try to hide my amusement by doing the "I'm pressing my lips together to [attempt to] hide the fact that I am laughing on the inside" face.

MISU, wearing an accusatory yet wry smile, while looking at his beloved (that would be me): Thank you. Thank you SO much for that.

Oh, yeah. Sarcasm IS our regular programming. Silly me. ;)


Jenster said...

How do people get through the day without sarcasm?? It's good to train 'em young!

Sparky Duck said...

the MISU is doomed :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, SO HILARIOUS! I can't believe your Emma said that!! I LOVE IT! haha

CDPJ said...

That is too, too funny. All all MISU can do is sit back and shake his head, I'm sure. He's outnumbered!!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee hee. They don't miss a thing do they?


Virginia, like the state! said...

Sarcasm is one of my mental food groups! :)

wolfbaby said...

to to funny;)

kailani said...

I wonder where she gets it from? *wink*

Marci said...

Sarcasm..... Just another service we offer here!!!! I love it. They are a hoot.
Love ya

Karianne said...

your kids are hilarious. I wonder where they get that from?