Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pass The Torch- Hugs and smoochies

My girls are both very high spirited and can be a handful, so summer time this year has been interesting. There has been a lot of "MMMMMOM!", and "STOP!", and screeching. *sigh* There are brief moments of sheer love when they will hug each other. There are moments when I see the little mommy come out in Anna, and she will say "let me help you honey...", and let me tell you, I always drop whatever I am doing to soak that moment, that brief tear and brilliant flash in the time/space continuum.

I mentioned last night that Anna had some really bad spider bites on her leg which were raised and bright red, and one in particular swelled to over the size of a half dollar. I became a little concerned yesterday when the outer edges had a pink "halo" that was expanding around them which is usually a sign of infection. I took her temp, she ahd a low grade fever, complained of mild abdominal pain, feeling tired and a bad taste in her mouth. The ER assured me that as long as the bites did not progress into ulcers quickly and she wasn't having nausea/vomiting and shortness of breath that she would be OK until we were able to see the doctor last night at 7 pm.

Can you tell that my nurse instincts kicked in? LOL!

Anyway, the doctor said that bad spider bites are usually accompanied by grin pain not mid abdominal pain, and since she really didn't seem to have any other symptoms that go with spider bites one should worry about, he was going to give her antibiotics for a possible staff infection- which was probably brought on from her scratching and opening the bites.

She's doing fine :D John and Anna stopped at the pharmacy to pick up her meds and as a bonus for being a brave girl for the doctor, her daddy bought her a multicolored plastic slinky.

Last night our kitten Zoey tore through the living room to the dining room and ran over Emma's foot. It turns out that Emma had a pretty nasty scratch on the top of her foot and was really crying from pain.

Anna offered her sister hugs and kisses while mom ran for the antibiotic ointment and a large band aid, and even let her sister play with her new slinky. Which NEVER happens... Anna's new toys are always off limits for Emma, and Anna never wants to let Emma see them even for a second.

Just when I have almost given up hope that these two girls of mine will ever get along and learn to appreciate what a blessing the are to each other... they go and do something like that. I hope those fleeting moments continue to grow into full fledged memories because I know one day they will realize how lucky and truly blessed they are to have each other.

Knowing that my girls have what I always wanted and finally have- a sister through good times and bad... well, it makes my heart smile.

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Karen said...

My brother and I had the worst sibling rivalry growing up. It was horrible. But it ended when we became adults and now both of know we could count on the other for anything. Your girls will probably be like that too!

Karen Lynch said...

I have 3 daughters and the oldest two sound just like yours!! the youngest will just be 2 on Thursday but she is quick growing into all of that! Families really are such a JOY!!

Kelly - PTT said...

Oh - I love that! Good for you to recognize those moments, even when it seems they're few and far between. There's something so special in that bond between siblings.

Thanks for joining us for PTT!

maggie said...

you forgot to finish the story.

..... then I turned around to go blog and one had the other in a choke-hold and was trying to wrap the slinky around her neck. I sighed and said them getting along was just a dream.

Oh sorry that was my story I finished. LOL

Holly Schwendiman said...

Awww that's so sweet! That sibling rivalry is a double edged sword and you do sink in every moment when the bond shows it's beautiful side. I'm glad the bites are okay. Poor cid got attacked the night before we left the shore all on the left side of her face. She's been pretty self conscious about it and is glad they're going away now.


Absolutely Bananas said...

Very sweet... it's nice to hear about kids doing GOOD things once in a while! Reminds me why I had the little monster in the first place!

Jenny Ryan said...

What great moments!

My brother and I finally, and happily, became good friends 3 years ago, at the ages of 33 and 29.

Mama Zen said...

Sisters are the best! I can't imagine life without mine. Your girls are so lucky to have one another.

Jeff said...

My brother and I are best friends despite the fact we almost killed each other several times growing up.

I see the same in my kids. They are each others best friends and worst enemies.

I'm glad to hear the bites were not more serious and she is on the mend.

Christine said...

That's what I hope for my daughters, something I never had a sister to bond with.
My brother and I are really close.

Very sweet story!

I love how Kelly put it, these are the moments, they may be far and few between, but it is definitely something to cherish.

Dorky Dad said...

You know, I think it's funny that ERs and pediatricians just kind-of yawn whenever parents call with a frantic question. "No, your kid isn't dying, there there now. Go back to watching Quincy."

Quincy? Where the heck did I get that?

kailani said...

I'm sure it's just a phase. My sister and I were constantly at each other's throats growing up. Now I can't imagine my life without her. We do everything together!

Daddy Forever said...

My oldest daughter acts like a little mommy with baby sister. Of course, they are five years apart so that makes it easier. On the other hand, my son is always fighting with both of his sisters because he's so close in age to both of them.

I hope Anna's spider bites get better soon...and Emma's scratch too.

wolfbaby said...

aww that was sweet of her!!!

mine do that sometimes i just wish it were more

Marci said...

I love how Maggie finished the story cause I know that is how my girls would (are). Enjoy them while they are young and take pictures to prove to them later that they really were "friends" even if it was for a short time.
Love ya sis.