Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen- 13 things I did yesterday

1. Made coffee when I got up.

2. Having zero grams of caffeine in my blood, I immediately missed my mouth and spilled coffee on my night gown. ( I have a slight DRINKING problem)

3.Laundry for my baby boogers.

4. Left clean clothes in the dryer while washing the dishes. What? My hands were wet! At least the clothes are clean, right? ;)

5. Finished unpacking Anna's room from when she got her room back 3 months ago ( Anna had to give up her room for a year to share with her little sister but since they have nearly clawed each other to pieces, and John and I only sleep in our room, we decided for everyones sanity to give Anna her own room back) , moved all of the boxes and boxes of girly stuff that couldn't be crammed into the room- because every surface is now covered- up into the attic.

6. Took a 10 minute breather and wished I still had an inhaler handy.

7. Considered procrastinating and putting off cleaning Emma's room... for another 3 months.

8. Made blueberry muffins with Anna.

9. Made lemon poppy seed muffins, but added too much milk while I was day dreaming. Added another box of muffin mix and doubled the recipe to make up for the extra day dream dairy. Felt guilty over the 2:1 lemon poppyseed to blueberry ratio (since Anna and I are pretty much the only ones who eat the lemon, but the 3 of them eat the blueberry... thus making the actual muffin rationing in my favor)

10. Made another batch of blueberry muffins so that muffin distribution would be a bit more equal.

11. Cleaned up the huge pile of toys I have been neglecting on Em's side of our room, put away toys that had filtered to the bottom of the pile and rotated with new (to Emma, old to Anna) toys from the attic.

12. After an hour of toy categorizing (genus and species of Little People- yes I'm that anal. OK not quite, but almost.), organizing and swapping, I schlepped 4 more boxes and totes full of the ankle biters stuff up to the hot and steamy attic.

13. Contemplated a shower and procrastinated about it while taking a break, panting, and reading in the new and improved Emma's room. Had a nice time relaxing - except for the part where Emma kept putting her feet in my book, or tried to help me read by running her fingers over the sentences and saying "Once upon a time..."to get my attention. ;)

14. After seeing all the work I did yesterday, my loving hubby took us out for grub. :D Gad, that man must love me or something.


Anonymous said...

ok, now you have to come over here and work on my house! LOL

Hopefully you went right to bed after posting this - you need sleep, coffee..and a good MASSAGE!

Happy TT!

Lori said...

Wow...I got tired just reading your list...Happy TT.

Judy Thomas said...

I SO understand #2 on your list. I'm not human until I've had my coffee in the morning!

BTW, you're tagged:

tiggerprr said...

You want to come visit me in Myrtle Beach with your cleaning supplies, don't you? :)

Also...I lost count, but don't you have enough muffins now to sell door-to-door? ;) But that totally sounds like something I'd do, to even out the muffin counts.

Jenny Ryan said...

Wow!You're definitely an organizer after my own heart :)

Ash said...

Happy TT, I'll be up this week, I promise!

maggie said...

Good Job. Did you take some energy pills yesterday or was that just some extra strong coffee.

Jenn said...

I think that is the best excuse EVER for making extra muffins!

A-Country-Mom (formerly Stephanie) said...

Wow, you seem so focused, so driven. I take it that you are not among those of us who are in a Harry Potter stupor this week?

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

WOw, productive!! I'm jealous, I need to spend a day doing that kind of stuff, glad to know I'm not the ONLY person who catagorizes toys...I too do toy categorizing (genus and species of Little People or anything else like that!) How funny! I get all irked too then when Emma messes it up, as she gets older I'll have to teach her how to catagorize! hehe!

Jenster said...

You sound much too productive.

diana said...

whew... you made me tired just reading this. and hungry for blueberry muffins.

hope today is a little slower for you.

Mert said...

Mamalee... I would love a massage! Too bad the hubby is working so much overtime... on second thought he probably needs a massage!

Lori- Yeah, mee too. :D

Judy- I am a bear in the morning without my coffee, and I growl louder when I waste it on my nightgown.

Tiggerprr- how much would I make an hour, LOL? Yeah, i should sell then door to door, U+I have 2 huge ziplocks full!

Jenny- :D I try!

Ash- Yay! So glad you are back... I really need to stop doing so much house work and do something about my blogging responsibilities!

Maggie- extra strong coffee with a good measure of guilt ;)

Jenn- I hadn't thought about it that way! One can never have too many muffins lying about.

A country mom- I tend to always be unfashionably late. I haven't read a single harry Potter book, nor have I seen any of the movies. Shocking, I know!

My dear Michelle- don't be jealous... it was agony LOL! My next step in organizing will be to label each bin so the girls know which bin to put toys back in. I think I may be crazy ;)

Jenster- this day was actually the exception to the rule... of course now that the upstairs is nice and clean, my living room looks like Toys R Us exploded in it. *Sigh*

Mert said...

Diana- I'm taking today a lot slower, thanks! I have extra muffins, want to come over and have some over coffee? :D

Virginia, like the state! said...

Very impressive! :) Ever since Jason moved to Dallas, I've become more and more lazy about household stuff. When I get home from work, I strip off my clothes (sorry for the visual!) and the clothes stay wherever they happen to land for a good week or so until I get tired of tripping over them. :)

I've been so behind on my TTing, but I've jumped back into the swing of things with a new post! :)

wolfbaby said...

wow sounds like a seriously busy day;)

JAM said...

I really have no response to this. It was so,... so,... domestic.

Dishes and clothes. Two beasts always hungry. It never ends for woman or man.

I hope sanity returns with the separate rooms.

Marci said...

So when you come to see me YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CLEAN!!!! HA HA HA. I know how it is with getting everything done, it just seems that these days with work, school and everything else, the house (or should I say my room) is the last thing on my mind. Man... now I'm going to have to do the white glove trick before you come ;-)

Love ya sis.

Dorky Dad said...

The last time I flew on a plane one of the people in my row got air sick. I won't eat a blueberry muffin again for a long time.

Pamela said...

the only thing I like better than blueberries is more blueberries.

I like poppyseed lemon, tho, too.

I've been really spoiled the past few years as the hubby makes coffee every morning. He nearly has to hold the cup, too, because I have a hard time getting airborne.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

You deserved a dinner out!

Wanna come to my house? I've got lots of stuff you can pick up and organize & I'll let you bake something in my kitchen, too. :-) (Esp. since I never do.)

Thanks for stopping by!

Karmyn R said...

You did more than me....I read Harry Potter all day long.