Thursday, October 11, 2007

The book meme

My GF Virginia tagged me for this meme :D

Total number of books?
My hubs and I used to be addicted to the clearance sections of Barnes and Noble, but now we have kids. You know how that goes. ;) We do have a lot of children's book though, at least 175-200! As far as John and I , I would say about 40. We don't have a lot of room and unless I love a book I try to give it away... so, we don't buy many books anymore.

Last Book read?
Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. I love her , her writing is very funny and never boring.

Last Book Bought?
Parenting With Love & Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay (recommended by Kelly), Smart Discipline by Larry J. Koenig (recommended by slackermommy), and Agnes and The Hitman by Jennifer Cruisie and Bob Mayer. I know, what an odd set of choices, right? I have started to read the first so far.

Five meaningful Books?
The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver is quite the emotional roller coaster ride and is a story about a woman who rescues a sexually abused toddler at the spur of the moment when a stranger asks her to take the child to save her.

Charming Billy by Alice McDermot is a novel about love, lies and alcoholism. It's actually a poignant story about a man and how he affected the lives of everyone around him, mostly for good despite his disease.

And some of my childhood favorites:
Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt is a story about 4 children who are abandoned by their mother after she leaves them in a car at a mall. Soon they realize they are going to have to fend for themselves. This book really struck a chord with me as a child, and sometimes I had wished that this had been me. I think my younger brother felt the same... our home life was so bad that we often daydreamed about what life would be like without our mother.

Enemy Mine by Barry B. Longyear is a novel that was made into a movie later... I really enjoyed this book because the underlying theme was that despite color and creed that we are obligated to love each other as God's creatures, even on the most basic levels.

The first book that Anne McCaffery wrote about Pern, I can't remember the name now. I can remember being completely absorbed is this book because I was able to go places in my mind and escape the hell around me. I can honestly say that this book got me through some tough spots just because I was able to be there.

Tag five people:
Anyone who wants to do this meme, join in the fun! leave me a comment if yo decide to do it.


Maggie said...

I was reading the meme going please don't tag me please don't tag me.

I can't remember the last time I read a book. I do know how.....

kailani said...

I remember watching Enemy Mine on tv. I didn't realize it was from a book.

Ash said...

You should come to my house. It is overflowing with books. and not good books either. cheesy joanna lindsey romances and lots of VC andrews. I have every single book written by Erma Bombeck though.

Holly Schwendiman said...

I just finished both the Brad Thor and Stephenie Meyers series. My kids have so many books they can't decide which ones to read! LOL But I figure that's a good thing. My hubby is a reader too and he's great at buying used books through Amazon. Some other books I've read that I enjoyed and thought a lot about after was "The Kite Runner" and "Six Minutes to Freedom."


Kelly - PTT said...

Love and Logic is such a great book - good for you!

gretty said...

I can't believe I got to leave a comment! I always get an error message. I'm so excited that I forgot what I was going to say. It was something about books...

~Virginia~ said...

Thanks for agreeing to be tagged! :) Great answers! I'm a sucker for the clearance section, too! :)

slackermommy said...

How was parenting with love and logic?

I got the game and purses. Those purses are too cute. Worth way more than you think! Thanks again for the donation. I'll be sending you a receipt for your tax records.

Avery Gray said...

Isn't this terrible? I love to read, but can't for the life of me think of 5 meaningful books I've read. Do you think I should branch out a bit? ;o)

Actually, I probably could think of 5, but it would take me awhile.

Tina Kubala said...

I'm a bookworm and hoarder. I'd never manage just 40 books.

I love the movie Enemy Mine. I'd so going to look for the book.