Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My 6 year old, the degenerate

OK, not really but read on and you will get the picture.

Me last night: Anna, please come here for a minute.

Anna: OK *runs into laundry room*

Me: Want to tell me why there is a game die in the washing machine?

Anna:Oh, I was thinking about taking it to school.


Anna: So me and some other kids can play a game on the playground! *she smiles with satisfaction because obviously this is the best idea evah!*

Me: *My Overactive Imagination gets the best of me as I picture my child yelling out bets while the other kids take their turns with the dice, then getting busted and being carted off to juvie in cuffs* Oh-ho-ho-ho, no. I don't think so.

Anna: OK. Why?

Me: *MOI kicks in once again as I picture myself explaining the misinterpretations and consequences of taking dice to school... then Anna asking me to pause for a minute while she grabs a notebook and pen* Don't worry about it, kid. Just... no, OK?

I tell John the story this morning, and he nods his head. "Sweet. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes."


maggie said...

LOL. Thats funny. Anna is the pitt boss running a craps game on the playground. Better pay up or the bookies that work for her (the 3rd graders) will steal your sandwiches. or break your knee caps. Either or.

You can call Anna - Little Miss Marker from now on.

Lucy said...

I love kid stories. I can picture Mira doing something like this.

Kelly - PTT said...

You have a gift for telling your kid stories. Very funny!

slackermommy said...

Very cute but I can see how her teacher may not think so. I remember how mortified I was when I found a shot glass in my daughter's backpack. She wanted to show it for show and tell!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

That is hilarious! I totally got the same image of her on the playground that you did! And John's comment is priceless! haha

Carey said...

That is pretty funny! I wonder what she really was going to do with the dice.

Holly Schwendiman said...

hee hee.


Daddy Forever said...

Consider yourself lucky. My son likes to say "kill." He's only four and is going to be suspended when he goes to kindergarten next year.

sarabose said...

This is a real treasure trove!
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