Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nano Nano

Can you telly I REALLY want to win a Nano? Tech Juicer is having a contest to win a iPod Nano in any color.

If you would like to enter the contest, there are 3 ways to enter. Quoted from the site:
  1. Comment! Thats it. You can comment once and that will gain you 1 entry.
  2. Blog about / link to this post! All you need to do is write and trackback to this post. If you cannot trackback just add a link and write a comment below with the link. Every unique trackback (1 link form each unique page). This will get you 2 entries!
  3. Use one of our text numbers, selected countires unfortunately (see banner below for numbers). You can text in an infinite number of times. Each entry gets you 4 entries!
Also, there will be a second prize:
This prize will go to the website with the most referrals to this post! We will use Google Annalytics to determine this. All you have to do is refer users to this post.

The prize is a 125X125 banner ad on the right of this page. FOREVER! For aslong as TechJuicer.com exists you will have a banner ad!

So, if you click on the banner above, i will get credit for your referral. Even if you don't enter the contest i still will get credit I think.

Again... fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Wish me luck!

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