Thursday, October 18, 2007

How many women could use this?

There is a new addiction out there in lala land... and it's name is CRACKBOX! Signs and symptoms of CRACKBOX addiction may include (but are not limited to) :

  • Sitting for hours staring at a television screen with a controller in hand- meanwhile the kids toilet paper the house, shave the cat and light each other on fire.
  • Dinner turns cold and possibly goes uneaten.
  • The CRACKBOX-head eats 1.45 bowls of cereal 6 hours after dinner was thrown into the trash.
  • Any interruptions is game play is responded to with a "Huh?", but the CRACKBOX-head's glazed eyes never leave the screen.
  • Spending hours playing online and talking to some guy in Jersey named XXX_Bonecrusher_XXX.
  • All conversations with the CRACKBOX-head during brief periods of rest (for gamer's thumb) lead back to playing the game.
The XBOX Patch comes in 2 sizes and are easy to use. Print out the appropriate size, cut out and attach double sided tape.

1. The "My wife still loves me enough to let me play, as long as I spend some time with the kids" Patch. For size #1, apply to shoulder, gluteus, or abdomen with a firm slap.
2. And The "I've forgotten my kid's names, and my wife won't sleep with me anymore" Super Patch. For size #2, apply directly to forehead, tack in pace with the heel of your husband's work shoe as needed.

The XBOX 360 Patch... it's just swell! Get yours today!

Side effects* may include: swelling and tenderness to the shoulder, buttocks or abdomen; redness and tenderness to the forehead, and brief loss of consciousness.

*Almost Somewhat Positive and it's author are not liable or responsible for any side effects should you wish to use this product.


~Virginia~ said...

Jason bought an X-box (just the regular one) about a year ago and I hated that damn thing. I used to stand in the kitchen and yell things like, "My hair's on fire!". Nothing. "I'm completely naked!" Nothing. He grew tired of it after about a month. Now it's just sitting there collecting dust. Ah well! :) Men!

Dorky Dad said...

I used to play video games. A lot. It's what I did in my spare time. Then I had a kid. And then I started blogging.

Now I don't have time to play games. Sometimes I miss it. Mostly, I don't.

Catherine said...

Ha ha! Or, sob, sob, whichever is most appropriate. :) My husband doesn't play consul games...but he does play computer games....


Ash said...

During Football, basketball and baseball seasons, I tend to yell a lot more. Unfortunately, the noise of the games helps him tune me out more. The rest of the year? There is PS2 to be played.

Daddy Forever said...

Lucky for us, we don't have any video games at our house. It would mean yet another battle with our kids when we have tell them to turn it off.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

We got rid of our Playstation 2 when we had Emma. We used to play Tiger Woods for HOURS!! hehe! My brother needs the patch that covers all video game systems as he owns xbox, wii and playstation 3 or whatever number they are up to now! haha

slackermommy said...

Too funny! Does the patch work for hubbies addicted to Wii?

"Mommy" said...

haha, I could actually use two of these -- One for myself and one for my husband!