Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poor Iggy

I know there are more pressing issues going on in the world today but when I saw this story on Yahoo's home page I was deeply saddened. It's not often that you see Ellen Degeneres tear up, let alone cry, but when she does you know she means it.

Basically the story is that despite giving this sweet puppy lots of love and even paying to have this pup trained and acclimated to her current pets- to the tune of 3000.00- Ellen found that Iggy was just too energetic for her household. While discussing this with her hairdresser, whom she sees every single day and knows very well, the hairdresser spoke up immediately saying she would take the dog because her family loved him.

Shortly after the shelter that Ellen adopted Iggy from called and asked how he was doing. Ellen did what the honorable thing and told the truth. The shelter in question sent someone out to take the dog back immediately. To see the clip from her live show, you can watch it here.

Since I went through a similar situation about a year ago, I KNOW how heart wrenching it is to have to give away a pet who just doesn't fit in with the family, no matter how hard you try. Though I realize that she signed a paper stating that she would give the dog back if any problems should arise, I would think that this shelter would see all the good that Ellen does on her show and know that she would absolutely make sure that Iggy went to a family that was capable of loving and taking care of him.

The fact is that Ellen gave her dog to someone whom she trusts. It may sound silly to some, but a lot of us gals have very close relationships with the people we trust our do's to. I wold think that this shelter could understand that since Ellen sees her hairdresser every single day that she knows her very well, and trusts her enough to take a pet that Ellen loved but could no longer keep.

I just think that in a world where you hear about celebrities and all of their problems and horribly obvious shortcomings, that someone like Ellen Degeneres- who has raised millions for so many charities over the years, and help thousands of people- could be cut a little slack.

But no. Instead poor Iggy is back where he started probably in an overcrowded and stinking shelter, in a cage, and not getting near the love and attention he deserves. Not one but two families are distraught over a new family member being taken away. I think had they REALLY cared about how Iggy was doing? they would have shown up in person to see for themselves instead of just calling Ellen on the phone. They took Iggy back over a mere technicality, not because they really care about him.

If you think this is outrageous, go to the link below and leave a comment for Ellen and feel free to use the graphic above. If you hear of any petitions going on, I would love to hear about it so I can sign, too. The photo in the graphic I made is courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show website.

Pleas note that I have commented further on this topic... well, in comments! Thanks for all of your opinions, I am glad we are able to debate without flaming and trolling. :)


maggie said...

I heard about this last night and this morning. Totally Outrageous they would do that without even talking to the hair dress or Ellen. They could of handled this differently for the girls and the pup.

slackermommy said...

Not only is it sad and outrageous especially to us who love our pets like family, but this shelter may have just put themselves out of business over this. When it comes to being sure a dog is in a good home some rules may have to be broken. Certainly in this case.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I think this is completely ridiculous! They could have totally handled this differently and interviewed the hairdresser or something!

Carey said...

That is ridiculous. Let the little dog have a loving home.

Elizabeth said...

That is outrageous. Poor Ellen, poor Iggy. I don't see the link to the petition though, where is it?

Pamela said...

I thought it was a ridiculous move by the animal shelter folk.

kailani said...

This is such a sad story! I heard on the news today that the shelter people are not going to give the dog back no matter what! They said that Ellen broke the rules and shouldn't be treated differently because she's a celebrity. I feel sorry for the dog!

Mert said...

Thanks for the info Kailani... that stinks.

I understand that she is a celebrity and shouldn't be treated any differently, but the shelter could at least offer to let the family that had him to adopt him.

Dorky Dad said...

Have you heard what has happened to the dog shelter? It's getting death threats.

I think I've got to side with the shelter on this one. It's just doing its job.

Anonymous said...

I think I've got to side with the shelter on this one too! I love Ellen, but she knew the rules and signed the paper. It would have been just as easy for her to return the puppy and at that same time have her hairdresser there ready to adopt. The shelters have these clauses for the protection of the animals. It's sad, but these limitations were put there for a reason. And everyone should have to abide by them.

Anonymous said...

The shelter is doing what it thinks is best for the dog. And I say it's the "right" thing to do.

They took the dog back because the contract was for the dog to be adopted by Ellen. They have a policy of checking out each individual adopted family and only allowing the dog to go to families with older children. One, the hairdresser family, although probably very nice and responsible, is unknown to the shelter. And two, the children of the hairdressers family were too young according to their policy. That sounds like a very reasonable way of adopting out dogs. More so then by word of mouth or passing the dog on to whoever.

And now, Ellen has given the rest of the story... and Iggy is not still at the shelter. Another family snatched up the lovable doggie and is probably giving him a wonderful home. So the outrage at the shelter is unfounded.

Mert said...

Well Anon 1:54 AM, I have heard that the shelter did not do a proper screening when it came to adopting the dog to Ellen. They failed to follow proper procedure by looking at Ellen's home and property first. So the fact that they are portraying themselves as "doing the right thing and following the rules" is a bunch of hooey.

Again, in my humble opinion, if they really cared about the dog in the first place they would have followed all of their own rules and screened properly AND they should have shown up in person to see how the dog was doing with Ellen since they failed to follow protocol in the first place. they fact that they are making themselves appear righteous and blameless and have done this on a technicality is hypocritical.

Thanks for sharing your opinion though, I'm glad that Iggy HOPEFULLY has a good home now. Let's just hope the shelter actually did their job this time.

The important thing really is that the dog is being loved in a good home, and I really hope this is the case.