Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mom's Turn

There is a new kind of blog on the 'sphere... a blog where all moms can go and vent anonymously. You guys know I have no problem venting here, but there are times when we would all like to be able to avoid those touchy subjects on our blogs but still get it off of our chests somewhere, right? Some of us have family and friends reading our posts and sometimes bloggers feel as if they can't say what they really need to. So, this site was born. Cool concept I think.

Quoted from their site:
  1. Just email what you'd like posted to: Moms Turn
  2. I will publish the post on Moms-Turn.net on a first come first serve basis, with up to 5 posts per day. Your name/email address will NOT be revealed.
  3. You will feel so much better.
Ya never know... you might see me venting over there some day, only you won't know it's me.


Anonymous said...

moms turn @ what ??

Mert said...

Anon, why don't you click the link or graphic and find out! ;)