Thursday, September 20, 2007

This just in: Boobs

Boobs. You can't go anywhere without people talking about boobs anymore. Whats' the big deal anyway?

Here's the deal.

I'm a little afraid to visit Myspace and Facebook now. Heaven forbid we should see a naked breast, this country is not obsessed with body parts at all. *rolls eyes*That being said, I don't understand why anyone would want to find over 2 million links to this :
OR this:

My opinion? Boobs should be kept locked up and out of sight. ;) They hold mysterious powers over men and they make men AND children drool. A boob can be very dangerous, you know...they can be lethal. Prime example?

Click here if you dare. This boob should be locked up for good.

Almost Somewhat Positive: All the sarcasm and flavor of other blogs, none of the calories. :)

For more posted debates about nekkid boobies, idiocy and hypocrisy go to Suburban Oblivion.


carrielouise said...

That is just some messed up stuff. I'm not for showing oneself off in public, but Myspace has some pretty raunchy pics of stuff over there. And for them to ban those feeding babies? Messed up!! I've seen half naked women wrapped in leather straps on people's comments and stuff. What's the deal with them?

Mert said...

I'm not big on showing the "bits and pieces" either, but I think feeding a baby is different from just whipping it out in public, let alone a profile page. Sheesh. Americans. Why do we have to have such hypocritical double standards?

Dorky Dad said...

What was this post about again? What? Huh?

MissMeliss said...

Bare breasts don't bother me nearly as much as a bare penis would (partly because those are just too comical for public viewing) but there are appropriate times and places...

Banning nursing though? I'm not a parent and I still think that's beyond wrong.

Loved your WW post, also.

Maggie said...

I visit this blog every day hoping to find a nipple slip or britney no panties. Are you saying I will never get those here???

Mert said...

Mags, I may talk about nipple slips of my own dorky kind, but never panty-less Brits. oops, that didn't come out right. You know what I mean :)

Dorky Dad, i hope I didn't lower your blog page ranking by leaving this in your comments:my post was about Bill Maher likening public breastfeeding to public *m@sturb@ting*... and how disturbing it is that in a world of T&A EVERYWHERE that people still get offended y breastfeeding... and my post was about boobs.

Missmeliss... I couldn't agree more. ;)

I never breast fed because my daughters both had problems latching on from a tongue deformity... I sure tried though. BUT despite me not being a breastfeeder, I'm all for it. the benefits are huge.

Ash said...

I always say "if breastfeeding in public bothers you, put a blanket over your head"

Excuse me, must dash, the wee one is demanding something from the buffet of mama milk.

JAM said...

Bill Maher "ain't got the brains of an ice cube." (Wow that felt good.)

About boobs:
Lovely Wife and I were watching a movie once, and the female star, I can't remember who was very well endowed.

Lovely Wife said, "Her boobs are just TOO big."

My reply, before I could stop myself, was, "there's no such thing as too big. Luckily, she thought it was funny.

slackermommy said...

I'm cracking up at this post and at Ash's comment.