Friday, September 07, 2007

This is cool!

As I told my good bud Maggie:

My stomach is upset and hurting (which used to happen when I was fighting with my own mother)... I need to talk to the MIL and get it over with so I can stop feeling like this, but until then I'm thinking I wont have anything good to say on my blog.

I'm going to make my rounds in the blogosphere though... it will be a good opportunity to blog surf instead of wracking the brain to figure what to write.

.... in the meantime, check this site out for lots of cool widgets and gadgets for your blog. :D


Maggie said...

What your not allowed to take a blog break! We need you.

kailani said...

You know how I love new toys for my blog. Thanks for the link.

Have a nice relaxing break!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Ah, so many toys so little time/space. ;) Sending happy dust your way and prayers for a speedy resolve. Family relations can be a big strain sometimes.


Hopeful Spirit said...

Tag! You're it!

I tagged you to join in the Green Christmas Meme! Check it out at my site!

Dorky Dad said...

Oh, man. I NEED that thing.