Friday, September 14, 2007

Stumble this! OR TGIF Stumbles

Though I am at times reluctant to try new things, I'm not that way when it comes to stuff on my computer- especially the internet. I love this thing called Stumble. You truly never know what you are going to stumble on.

Today, for your enjoyment, I bring you TGIF Stumbles. Every Friday I'll highlight some of the cool stuff I have Stumbled on, just a little something to get your relaxation gears going.

  • Ok, the fist site I happened upon was this site called Inspired by the Molecular Muse. The geek in me screams "YES!". How could you NOT want a a pair of earrings like these? My birthday is coming up... I must send the link to the MISU.
Want to know what these are? The earrings are the representative of the molecular make up of "the favored symbol of chocolate: theobromine".
Coffee anyone? Here is a necklace that is based on the caffeine molecule.
The creator is a scientist-come-artist, and all of her jewelry is made from reasonably priced sterling silver considering they are hand crafted.
I think out of all of her jewelry, this one is my favorite though. Isn't it purty?
Quoted from Molecularmuse's page:
Creativity Necklace:
I love being creative - and that state of flow when you are consumed with the project. So, I made a necklace to commemorate it.

The charms dangling on this sterling silver necklace represent the 3 major neurotransmitters (those brain chemicals responsible for mood and emotion) critical to creativity:

(from left to right)
serotonin - happiness, satisfaction
dopamine - love, passion, pleasure
acetylcholine - learning, memory, dreaming

  • Another page I found was this cat haiku... check it out if you are a cat lover. It's pretty funny!
OK, that's it for me! I hope you all have a nice, relaxed weekend. Enjoy!

PS- Don't forget that tomorrow is the 15th. You know what that means!


Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, thanks, that is such cool jewelry!

I sent the link to my scientist sister-in-law.

Robin said...

Hey MaryMert...I stumbledupon you today :).

Nah...I've been under a case of limited blogging for months now...pull pages up, read 'em in between everything else. Been wanting to tell ya for weeks now I lurve your new happy cheery colors (you have such a knack for that).

A while back, a person mentioned a post of mine at Stumbleupon, and I had like 400 hits for it! Weird...I didn't know what it was...and still don't understand completely, but cool.

Did someone say something about coffee?? My ears just perked up ;).

Ash said...

oooh, I want one. Those are so pretty and unique!

Karmyn R said...

I just went over and looked at her jewelry. I love the Estrogen necklace, but will wait until she can get a Chocolate necklace, and I have funds. (I have enough earrings for a while - ha!)

I'll hae to check out this Stumbleupon site.

Pamela said...

last month my frisking found something... but it has turned out to be nothing.
just thought I'd let you know. THANKS!

That jewelry is superb. Why didn't I think of that and quit my day job and enjoy life

(ps. because I don't know the molecular make up of anything)

Carey said...

Those necklaces are interesting and unique. Cool find. I will have to check out the others.

~Virginia~ said...

You're right...that last necklace is really cute!

kailani said...

I know what you mean. I'm so addicted to random stumbling. I've found the greatest sites that way!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Cool jewelry! Oh yeah, forgot to grope myself! Thanks for the reminder!