Monday, September 10, 2007

There's a first time for everything!

This last Friday Anna lost her first tooth! When I picked up from school that day I actua;y heard her before I saw her, I was looking down for just a moment to see what Emma was doing, when I heard her yelling over the din, "Mommy! I lost my tooth today at lunch!" She went on to tell me that she took a bite of her roll and felt something hard... and spit it out in revulsion on her tray. Which we both got a good laugh out of. She went to the school nurse and she got a cute little container to put her tooth in, which also happened to be a ring with a picture of a tooth on it. Very cute! She wore it very proudly.

I would love to say that I have cute pictures of my less-toothed (but not toothless) girl, but being the over achiever that she is her new teeth had already grown in behind her baby teeth. Though I am a natural worrier, I tried to ease her discomfort by telling her that she was a bit like a shark. We just had to wait for the other row to fall out. My worries were about how the new teeth were going to throw the alignment off since they came in behind the old ones, and the fact that if they didn't come out by the time the new ones were completely in, she would have to go tot he dentist to have them yanked. My bottom teeth are very crooked and I have always worried that my poor kids will inherit them... but Anna has been told by the dentist that over crowding is likely and she will probably need braces. "That's OK, I'll just get the ones that are pink and purple!"

We are still waiting for tooth #2 to finally relinquish it's title to the new heir. ;) I'm just glad we haven't had to take to her to the dentist to have them pulled.

Also, yesterday Emma went #1 on her potty for the very first time after telling us she had to go! She was a bit embarrassed afterwards that we would make such a big deal about going pee, and she smiled shyly while sauntering off to the kitchen to regroup. :D

Always the character, but Anna did the exact same thing her first time. It's funny how they are so much alike! Which makes us think, "Well, at least we know what to expect!... Oh, yeah. Right. DARN!" ;)

Just kidding, we wouldn't have it any other way. They are very much a product of their environment and though they can be a little too loud, "focused" (read as stubborn) and spirited, at least I know my kids feel comfortable enough that they can share their opinions.

And I'm sure that later on- when they are both entrenched in hormones and teenage angst- I will look back on these words and scoff... or at least have a good laugh. Until then, I'll continue to meet all of their firsts with love and joy... And we can hold off on the "guess what's in your mashed potatoes" game for a little bit longer.


Maggie said...

LOL...focused. Still want a picture.

My son shallowed his last tooth. At the end of dinner of hotdogs... he had a missing tooth. I told him where to look for it but he said... EEEW MOM !

wolfbaby said...

im so not ready for this mommy thing.. i know i have years to go to the kids in school but i don't think im ready..*sigh*

congrats on the succesfull potty...

my kids both seem to have inherited my crooked bottom teeth.. the dentist said yes it can be inheritated and sure enough they have the same thing.. poor kids

Holly Schwendiman said...

All I can say is I wish I'd had my dh for a tooth fairy! He's beyond generous and I'm just glad we only have two kids!! LOL My daughter is now in the next stage of losing her final baby teeth. I can still remember the sounds and feelings and it makes my stomach churn.


kailani said...

How exciting! So how much did the tooth fairy leave?

Emma is potty training already? She's sure growing up fast!

~Virginia~ said...

I used to have a little pillow for my teeth that I'd leave under my regular pillow for the tooth fairy to find. :) Unfortunately without kids of my own, that's all I have to contribute! :)

Congrats to the little ones!

Thanks so much for your suggestions on my 30 day countdown! I'll have a complete list up in a couple the meantime I posted some random pictures of a "shopping" adventure. Hope you had a good weekend!

crse said...

Oh my god buddy. My heart just stopped about Norm actually losing a tooth. Kindergarten is too much. Tooth losing might send me over the edge. Thanks for reminding me to be joyful about it. (and to embrace the trail of cheese slices all across the living room right now because one day the turnip wont be entertained by such things anymore!)

Karmyn R said...

She is lucky she spit it out. I think my son swallowed his first tooth. We never found it (or else Grandma's shag 70's carpet swallowed it)

Dorky Dad said...

Woohoo! It's potty time!!! HAHAHA! I kill me.

I'm pretty sure that when I was a teenager I would still partake in "guess what's in your mashed potatoes" game, but the stakes would be higher.

And did I compliment your blog on its new look? I thought I did that but now I don't think I did. I was going to do so days ago but maybe I got distracted by something. Cripes.