Sunday, September 30, 2007

I want more

Though I love what I get out of Blogger because it is free, I would to hear what you guys think about your platforms. I am thinking about branching out and possibly selling some hand made/ machine sewn products online, and I would love to be able to have another section of my blog where I can upload images of my new product, possibly with links to my "store" (I'm thinking about Etsy for that).

I'm currently looking into Word Press and was wondering for those of you who use it, how much you like or love it, and how long before you really got the hang of it. As you know I have a slight geek streak in me, and love figuring stuff out.

If you are on another platform, let me know what you think about what you are using and I'll check it out. I love having options.

I know I will have to pay for hosting, but besides that I really don't want to have to pay for anything else, that's pretty much my requirments. Thanks!


Sunshine said...

I use Blogger for my "main" blog and review blog, but I have a hobby blog on Wordpress but aside from being able to date posts in advance, I don't "get" the technology on it as well as Blogger which is now so much more user friendly.
I have two Etsy stores and I simply created a button with a hotlink to put on my sidebar to it (and other people put up my Etsy button as well, cuz they're super nice) so there's what I do, which is similar to what you're thinking I guess.

Karmyn R said...

I LOVE Typepad - have been very happy with it.

I read another blog who uses Wordpress and she tried to sell some stuff on there - and they shut her blog down until she took it off. Maybe she was using the "free" version...But, she can't sell on there. I don't know what exactly she did or what Wordpress didn't like. But, I'd check that out before trying.

maggie said...

We Love Wordpress. We are hosted by BlueHost and they are awesome. No problems with them at all. We actually just renewed for another year. The price was right last year and they have great reviews. As far as wordpress it is so expandable. The themes and plugins are endless.

All wordpress is free. Its just a matter of who is hosting it. If they are hosting it they don't want you selling. Well because they are hosting you. However, if you get your own domain like you want then you won't have a problem.

I would suggest Wordpress and Blue Host

Leanne said...

WordPress, of course - my primary portfolio and store is WP (the shop is an e-commerce WP plugin, easy as pie, all within your own domain), my blog is WP, my photoblog is WP. You can do ANYTHING with WordPress, and you never have to leave "home". I think my biggest pet peeve is having to leave a domain and go here and there and back to see everything about a person and what they have to offer. That's what domains are for. :)

Hosting: Blogs about.

Instructions: How to Leave Blogger instructions are linked in my sidebar.

Maggie said...


wolfbaby said...

ahh i use word press. a friend of mine has her own domain i guess? and she lets me have a spot on it and they use wordpress.. very easy to use since im dummy with puters but lots and lots of gadgets to keep it fun.. they have an easy method which i use and a not so easy method where you can use all those thingy magigies that folks use code i guess ya'll call it... i like it cause i have several pages for various things and it's easy to navigate. my book is online and listed in my menu my art pages as well each chapter of my story has a different page as not to overwhelm readers and my short stories have there own page it's cool:)

kailani said...

Well, you know how much I love WP. It took a little while to figure things out but a tech geek *wink* like you could get the hang of it in no time.

The plugins they have available will amaze you! You can spend more time adding things on your blog than actually blogging!

Rose said...

I love Wordpress and like Kailani says the plugins are amazing. If you need help with wordpress you already know where to go and if you are looking for affordable hosting try

Daddy Forever said...

Oh, you changed your design again. Very pretty indeed.

I love WordPress. I played with Drupal, but it's much more complicated than WordPress. WordPress is fairly easy to setup and there are a lot templates and plugins for extra functionality. However, because WP is the most popular blogging platform, it also attracts a lot of spam comments.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Mmmmmm wordpress. I'm a wordpress blogger too but I honestly leave most of the techy stuff up to my dh. So I'd love to hear how you transition to it if you do. :) I too found spam increased but once I added the askimet plug in I've been unplagued ever since. I think you'd like it.