Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Year's Resolutions

*** Check out an earlier post of Emma-isms for today, below***

Kelly over at PTT has a wonderful idea- focus on goals for your family throughout the year. This is such an inspiration, especially since Kelly added her own special note to her idea, which is:
I believe the better me I can be, the better mom I can be.
Nothing could be more true. How can I expect to keep my family happy and on track if I am no where near achieving those things for myself? At first I struggled with this idea. Change is hard, so I began to think about what we were already doing right... things we had already implemented just before the start of the school year.
  • Family reading time, every day.
  • (More recently) Eating healthy by making meal plans and allowing everyone to choose a meal for the week, then finding lower fat versions of the recipes.
  • Being more diligent about our routines and schedules and wavering as little as possible once school started. (Anna's post school routine of snack, 1/2 hour of TV to unwind, home work, clean room... all the way up to bed time routines)
  • Being less negative when disciplining the kids by correcting them, but by also giving positive reinforcement by highlighting and praising them when they do something the right way.

Things I resolve to work harder on:
  • Exerting more patience in my life.
  • Dealing with negative forces as tactfully as possible.
  • Make an actual exercise schedule and stick to it, 3 times a week (dusting off the exercise equipment on the porch!).
  • Take over the bills to relieve the stress on my poor forgetful and over- worked hubby, therefore creating a less stressed family environment because the bills are getting paid on time and our (insert utility here) isn't getting turned off. (Like our water yesterdayLOL!)
  • Being more diligent about returning important phone calls
  • Making appointments for the family (mostly myself...moms, you know how that goes), because a healthy family is a happy family.

I will add more to the list as I think of them, mostly to keep myself accountable. ;) This was actually a really pleasant experience for me because I had not realized how well the improvements we made a month ( or so) ago had been working. if you like this idea, head over to Kelly's blog, leave a comment and/or leave a link letting her know you are participating. I hope you all have a happy and healthy school year!


Holly Schwendiman said...

Great lists! I too so need to be better about setting up my own doctor appointments!


Kelly - PTT said...

Oh Mary! This is so great! Your resolutions are excellent and it's exciting to think that you've already made progress in the past month. It's going to be a great year!

Thanks so much for participating. It feels good to set goals, doesn't it?

Dorky Dad said...

I should make meal plans. But I don't have the patience. I should have more patience, but I don't make meal plans. It's a vicious cycle.

slackermommy said...

I'm with you, girl! I'm on the self improvement plan myself.

Kitchen Cowgirl said...

Good luck with your list! Patience is soooooo hard to find! :) We're cheering for you!

Daddy Forever said...

Good for you, Mary. Exercise is one of the hard one for me. It's usually the first to go when I stressed for time. It's been two weeks since I rode my bike.

Bananas said...

What a great idea. I totally need to do this... formally.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

great lists, I totally need to take a lesson from you on the home cooking/healthy living/exercise thing. I was thinking alot about that on our vacation, but I didn't change my habits this morning as I returned to work either...ugh *BIG SIGH*