Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crabby Emma-isms

Last night we were out getting something to eat a little later than usual and the girls both got Scooby Doo toys with their meals. The fact that we were waiting for daddy to come home to eat coupled with the fact that daddy forgot to call and tell mommy that he would be coming home late led to a very grumpy and hungry 2 1/2 year , despite a snack or two- so there as a bit of yelling and screaming before we even left home. Ok, not just a bit but a LOT.

While eating dinner, we were having a discussion about Emma's behavior since she deemed it necessary to show us that she is indeed an individual with needs and opinions... by refusing to eat the "cheese boogah" she had requested for dinner, focusing all of her attention and appetite on the yogurt and granola. Emma yelled and screamed after I told her she needed to eat some of her burger before she got anymore yogurt (the kid is so bony, she needs all the protein I can force her to eat) and I told her if she didn't stop, she and I would go and sit in the car while Anna and daddy finished their dinner.

When Emma stopped yelling and said"Finally! Sheesh!". I told Anna to shoosh (while Em started crying again, now complaining about her hand-me-down shoes not fitting), that she screamed and complained just as much as Emma did. Emma stopped crying for a moment to interject, 'I complain too-oo-oo!"

To which I replied, "Really?" with a healthy eye roll.

As we were headed to a store to return some things Emma said, "Daddy, I have a qes-chun, daddy." John asked her what her question was, and she asked, "Does dis thingy open, daddy? I wan' take the little ball-ies out."

No, I said, it doesn't open.

"I was talkin' to daddy, nah you momma." I snorted then clamped my lips together and thought to myself that that is what I get for butting in, all while trying not to laugh. ;) Emma persisted. "Does dis thing open, daddy?"

No, John said after chuckling, it doesn't open.

"Fine, I'll ask Anna then."

Though we are in the dreaded "if you don't give me the answer I want I'll ask someone else/ crying and screaming about minute details because I want to exert a little independence " phase, at least she realizes she has options, right?


Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee...well one thing's for sure your girls are going to have your backbone mamma! :)If I had a dime for every time my daughter interferes with my parenting of her younger brother I'd be one rich blogger! LOL Always nice to read about other people's parenting experiences and know I'm in such good company. ;)


Judy Thomas said...

Your kids make me laugh all the time. They really crack me up. I heart them!

kailani said...

Hey, I do that all the time! I keep asking people their opinions until I find someone who agrees with me. LOL!

Daddy Forever said...

When my son doesn't like my answer, he just tells me I'm wrong and starts pouting.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, can I relate!! Our little 2 year old Emma sounds like a twin to yours!