Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Layered Meme

By the way, I just installed the peek-a-boo post format. Click "read more"... well, to read more!

On the outside:
Name: Mary
Birth Date: October 4, 1969
Current Status: married (18 years)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown and gray ;)

On the inside:

My Heritage: Half Mexican, half Caucasian (Scottish maiden name). My great grandmother was from the south and was a bigot, so half of me hates pinatas. Or I severely dislike them at last half of the time.wink
My Fear: Losing my children. That one day my husband will come to his senses.
My weaknesses: Chocolate, coffee (preferably Starbucks or Columbian roast but any old coffee will do, except for instant)
My Perfect Pizza: Deep dish pizza with mushrooms, artichoke hearts and bacon.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow:
My thoughts first waking up: "Who put this fur coat on my tongue?"
My bedtime: Somewhere between midnight and 2 am usually. I love the night life. I love to boo-gie.
My most missed memory: I can't remember. winkI think it has something to do with being a size 6-7 once upon a time.

My pick:
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi.
Single or group dates: It doesn't matter, I don't have a baby sitter I trust yet. I'm paranoid like that.
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccinno

Do you:
Smoke: No.
Curse: Ummm... I have been known to enjoy the odd expletive...
Take a shower: Every stinkin' day.
Have a crush: Only on unattainable celebs. Johnny Depp... call me!
Think you’ve been in love: Oh yeah. My very first love, Elvis. Second, chocolate. And last but not least, The Misu.
Go to school: Not right now, I'm still thinking about what i want to be when I grow up.
Want to get married: Married, been there- done that... never again. This one is for keeps.
Believe in yourself: Yes!
Think you’re a health freak:I was never really a health freak. My love for grease and chocolate took care of that.

In the past:
Drank alcohol: I was in the Navy...
Gone to the mall: Too much
Been on stage: Yes.
Eaten sushi: One of my favorite things!
Dyed your hair: Yes, I gave up though.

Have you ever:
Played a stripping game: Nope.
Changed who you were to fit in: In high school.. and I'm not proud of it. I learned my lesson before it was too late though.
Done something your kids will never know about (at least until they are adults): *This an addition from me (mert), just 'cause it's an interesting question.* Yes, enjoyed the company of Mary Jane... and had a very "good" first date with their dad. redface

Age you're hoping:
Get married: see above
Take your dream vacation: (mert add) Good grief, I hope it's before we retire. Italy is my dream vacation, an Alaskan Cruise is John's.

In a guy:
Best eye colour: Doesn't matter
Best hair colour: " "
Short hair or long hair: Short(er)
Best attribute: (mert add) smile and sense of humor.

What were you doing:
A minute ago: Talking Emma out of the curtains and arguing whether or not Monsters Inc. is really a "scare-wy" movie.
Hour ago: Drinking. Lots. Of. Coffee.
Month ago: Flying back home after seeing my sis and bro! biggrin
Year ago: Thinking about giving up my beagle puppy because she scared Anna.

Finish the sentences:
I love: My family, art, books, blogging...
I feel: Blessed
I hate: The fact that I procrastinate due to my fear of failure
I hide: behind humor too much sometimes
I miss: My step dad (who I consider my real dad, he raised me from the age of 5 or 6)
I need: to lose another 44 lbs LOL!

I tag:
Ladies: participate if you wanna, no pressure. I tag anyone else who wants to play, just leave me a comment so I know to check your out too! biggrin


Miss Charming and Delightful





CDPJ said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll try and get to it this week :-)

Mommy2JL said...

Mmmm Chocolate and grease lol
Two of my favourite things as well.. salty things too..

haha I love food too much

:) I had to do the questions you've added, I thought they were fantastic!

kailani said...

Even I don't eat sushi! LOL!

~Virginia~ said...

I've been wondering for a long time how to do this peek-a-boo format thing! Leave it to Mert to beat me to it! Not that I was in any way inclined to find out on my own, mind you! :)

I accept your tag...I just don't know when I'll do it. But it's definitely on my list! :)

Holly Schwendiman said...

Always fun to read more about my friends. :) I'm thinking there are a few things I can relate quite well to here.


Pamela said...

half of me hates pinatas

all the better to beat the candy out of them, right?