Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things I learned since yetserday, Emma-isms

At night we like to play this game I invented called "I love you more than...". Basically think of all my favorite things and tell my kids I love them so much that I love them more than that.

Me: Emma, I love you more chocolate.

Emma: Yeah!

Me: Emma, I love you more books.

Emma: Ummmhmm!

Me: Emma, I love you more teddy bears.


Emma decides to give it a go:Momma, I love du mo' dan chawk-lit!

Me: Really? Yesss!

Emma:I love du mo' dan pea-budder san-nitches!

Me: Alright!

Emma:I love du mo' dan duh sun!

Me: Cool!

Emma: I love du mo' dan flowahs!

Me: Wooo-hoo!

Emma: I love du mo' dan trash. <------------ So very good to know.

I Also learned that Piglet isn't "a little teeny baby" like I suggested, he's a "little teeny tiny PIG". And he smells like sweet poh-tay-tohs. "Sweet Poh-Tay-toh Pie" to be exact. Also, very good to know.

A few minutes later-

Emma: Momma, my bell-lee hutz.

Me: Maybe you need to poot.

Emma: MAYBE I don't wanna poot.

Me: OK, don't poot then. But it might make your belly feel better.

Emma: *A short and very baritone-ish POOT*


Emma: You laughin' at me, momma?

Me: Uh *LOL* ... yeah...

Emma: Quit laughin' at me!



Me: *which makes me ROFL LMAO that much harder*

Emma: Quit laughin', IT NOT FUNNY ANYMO'!

...Lather, rinse, repeat.

Which made me realize this,... Six months ago, farting while sitting on her parents lap- hilarious. Now, not so much.
Which is all based on my own scientific research (click to enlarge):


Karmyn R said...

You crack me up.

Donetta said...

O.K. that was some graph? You goofy!
Emma goofy too. Just too cute!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HASHA! More than trash, so hilarious!

Emma started saying I love you so (sounds more like doh) much to her little animals and babies, I must have said that to her a lot lately! hehe

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee - always good to know where we rank. ;) Love the new 3 column layout. One of these days I'm going to get my blog stuff finished....LOL Working world? What are you going to do?